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December 2010

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My father died in the evening of his 85th birthday. This is the guestbook I made for his memorial service.

The cello on the opening page is a pen, ink, and watercolor that I painted for Dad some years ago in honor of his own cello. He loved personal business cards and notecards that I printed for him with the cello.

The "wrapper" is Arches 140# CP watercolor paper, stitched and glued to the book pages on the spine.. Pages are Strathmore notecard stock, acid-free, printed on my inkjet printer.

The book needed to be lightweight enough and non-awkward enough for someone with severe arthritis everywhere to be able to handle it easily. And it needed to be small enough not to take up much room in an apartment ...

Inside, front, cover/title page

View of "spine"

Outside, folded for storage

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