April 2007

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The guestbook I made for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary reception. Softcover (Strathmore ridged card stock), laminated mulberry endpapers, red ribbon pamphlet-stitch sewing, 90-pound watercolor paper pages (torn), printed on an inkjet printer. Throughout, it's photo on the left, signing lines on the right.

The book needed to be lightweight enough and non-awkward enough for someone with severe arthritis everywhere to be able to handle it easily.

I had planned to slip ribbons through the folds of the cover to tie the opening together. But in the end, I just left the flaps to be used to fold over and protect the ends.

Outside, front

Inside, front

Inside, front, title page

Inside, center, showing ribbon stitching

Inside, back, end page

Inside, back

View of "spine"

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