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The First Yellow Flower Book [ NA ] shown above is the book that started me on my series of books using as covers parts of some of my unsuccessful watermedia paintings and painting fragments, most of which I painted on Arches 140# or 300# cold-pressed watercolor paper, 100% cotton rag and acid-free. This particular book, which I made as a gift, has several pages of Strathmore's "Petal Inclusions" "Harvest Wheat" folded and torn and assembled into sections. Exposed spine binding, long stitch / buttonhole stitch, 18/3 golden yellow linen thread.

Binding Styles I Started Out Making in 2007

[Back-to-Back, Two-in-One]

How It Came About

In early 2007, I took a book-making class. I found that I didn't like working with glue, but I did enjoy the sewing of parts of the books together. I needed some strong cover stock to work with.

I'd begun painting with watercolors in the late 1990s, later incorporating ink and, occasionally, other watermedia. By 2007, in addition to having a good collection of successful paintings, I had also collected a stack of unsuccessful paintings and painting fragments that I couldn't bring myself to paint over, destroy, or recycle because I kept thinking I would find something to do with them. And I did: Those unsuccessful paintings and fragments turned out to make very successful journal covers.

My journals are made entirely from acid-free materials and are sewn together with linen thread. Most of the books have 60-64 pages. The covers are 100% cotton rag acid-free quality watercolor paper.

I started out as a writer and artist and morphed into an artist and writer, and I always have in the back of my mind the idea of somehow combining those two passions. So it's been great fun to write in journals that I've made myself from my own artwork.

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