Wedding Guestbook

Guestbook made for the wedding of a young friend of mine.
About 7.5"x11". Made of #140 cold press watercolor paper:
Winsor-Newton pages, Arches cover and cover panel.
Cover panel is sandwiched between folds of front cover
and sewn in place with cross-stitches of satin ribbon.
Stitching is 6-needle butterfly, 12/3 linen thread.

Ten inked lines per page, right sides only,
with little leaf and spiral finials on the center vertical line
between the name and address columns.
Color trim on spine folds of pages is Mei-Teintes pastel paper.

Back cover extends to fold over front edges of pages (right side)
and under front cover, to protect pages and edges.
Inside view of butterfly stitching (left side).

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