Slightly Different Whorl'd Views

Notes 03-20-05:       Last modified: 06 Aug 05

I'd been trying to decide exactly how I wanted to take the next step with a series I was working on with your 17' wall in mind (if it's not full yet).

My friend from NYC was here this weekend, took a look at the pieces, and declared that she likes them exactly as they are.

So I thought I'd at least show you the pieces as they exist now so you can have the option of taking them this way. If you decide you like them, fine. If not, either I'll keep them as they are myself and start again, OR I'll continue working with them. OR if you don't like the idea at all, I'll move on.

History of the project ... This particular series started in a sketchbook as line drawings of eyes, one each in a square, VERY close in, with the iris/pupil oriented differently in each square. Different perspectives, in other words. I wanted them less as obvious eyes than as design elements. I would know they were eyes, but it wasn't necessary for anyone else to know.

For some reason, that orange/sun became the iris in each. I didn't want to paint the lines of the features surrounding the eye as deliberate shapes. I went with my eccentric ink drip-drawing approach and black ink.

When my sister was here _last weekend, she had them all out on the floor, linking them together ... My NYC friend and I did something similar with images on the computer ...

There are aspects that I like: The eyes/perspectives aspect, the sun/viewpoint aspect, the fact that each also looks a bit like an egg with the idea of newness, and the simplicity of the thing.

The reason for using squares was so that each piece could be hung at any rotation/angle and the pieces could be hung in all kinds of different arrangements -- more different perspectives. Arrange them to suit the wall, the current room arrangement, your mood, etc. Five separate pieces -- enough to cover the wall and an odd number (four wouldn't look right, three wouldn't be enough and more would be too many) and each large enough to stand alone (in case you don't have a big space forever) and to have impact each by itself. I tried working things with rectangles (full sheets), but I found I preferred the squares and the many arrangement variations they allowed.

I thought about adding the same colors to each of the five and then about using different colors in each.

A similar effect can be had by putting mats of different colors around each painting -- colors consistent with whatever colors you decide to have in the room at any given time. Maybe you could do "swatch" mats. :)

Anyway, OK, so here's what I have at this point. Note I included a few arrangement suggestions -- and I'd've tilted some if I could have figured out how to do that in HTML. The straight up/down positions are a little static. Angles would add motion and life. If you want to look at each more closely, click on the image in the [SECOND] row to see a larger version.

Note 03-22-05:

The orange from my first visit has found its way into my iconography _and my eye-conography ... As both sun (orange visible/peeking over rim of bowl, sun visible/peeking over rim of horizon -- not to mention sun just as eye-in-the-sky) and iris of the eye ...

More, miscellaneous reference notes for Whorl:
Origin imagery: Eyes, suns, eggs, whorls, whirls, spirals.
Themes: Different perspectives, newness, vision, seeing, potential/promise.

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