As of August 2013

Changes in 2012

As of the end of 2012, I took myself out of the business of printing notecards in mass quantities. In 2012, I started putting my notecard designs in my newly established Zazzle store:

If you want a particular design and don't find it in my Zazzle store, drop me a line and I'll add the design. Or I may go ahead and print one on my usual Strathmore card stock. (See below.)

Note that you can customize the cards at Zazzle to include a message or even a photo inside.

[Card] Stock Option and Pricing Details

Pricing is for one-side-only printing. Printing on the inside is extra, though not double unless you want something other than a simple message.

[Card] Stock Options Price
Per Card
1 — Art cards
Eggshell. Rough surface. 5" x 6-7/8" folded.
Heavier, textured card stock, with one deckle edge.
[Strathmore "Creative Cards"]
 $ 3.50
Envelopes are included, of course

For shipping and handling (mailing at priority/first-class rate),
add 10% of the total cost of cards ordered.
NC residents need to add sales tax:
7% of the total cost of cards ordered.

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Pic Picks

You may choose any painting or paintings on this site to have me to print on your cards. Also, see Goof-eYe-Balls.

  • Some people order a selection, with a different painting on each card.
  • Some people order multiple cards with the same painting.
  • Some people order some of both.

Note: There are other paintings whose images have been officially "retired" from the website gallery, tho the digital images are still available for notecards. Thumbnails for everything through July 2005 are in one BIG file, though some have even been "retired" from that, too. Click on a small image to see a larger image. For more recent thumbnails, see Galleries 6 and on, including the "minis" which make great notecards.

Note: I confess that Christmas images are, at this point, a mess. I have a lot of them and make up different sets, but I do not currently have a single definitive list. Since I'm out of the mass printing business anyway, check my Zazzle site:

Christmas stars 2008 | Christmas ornaments 2008 | Christmas thru 2007
Goofballs | Paintings thru July 2005 [shortlist] |
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