Kathy Vincent


Though my work life revolved around technology and computers, my education was in the humanities; and I have, all my life, been engaged in artistic and creative endeavours -- writing, art, music, photography, crafts. I have, at one time or another, worked at least briefly in most of the more familiar painting and drawing media. But it was not until I took up watercolor in 1997 that I became at all serious about working as an artist.

For me, art is exploration and discovery. I am essentially an intuitive, abstract painter of metaphors, with recurring symbols including eyes, a linear archetypal face, suns, spirals, flowers, flames, deep interior spaces, organic curvilinear forms, and what may be thought of as "energy lines." Themes often relate to expanding knowledge or understanding, growth in many forms, light, life, continuity, inspiration, and imagination.

Initially, I worked only in watercolor, but, as a lover of fountain pens and calligraphy, I found that I also liked drip-drawing with ink. Not only does the bold black of ink contrast with the gentle luminous colors of transparent watercolor, but the drip-drawing technique is a way of keeping myself and my art loose.

For some years now, I have been using fragments of "failed" or "discarded" paintings to make covers for handmade journals.

Last modified: 30 Oct 15